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The speech program at Brown, led by Barbara Tannenbaum, is highly regarded by other academic institutions. Students interested in the study of human communication will find several relevant courses in the Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies.

Many other departments and programs at Brown share an interest in communication studies. Anthropology, Modern Culture and Media, Linguistics, Philosophy, and English provide a variety of ways to study language, communication theory, message production, and communication analysis.

Barbara Tannenbaum has been invited to deliver guest lectures and communication development in colleges and universities around the country. Beyond academia, the reputation of the speech program at Brown continues to grow. Barbara Tannenbaum is frequently invited to deliver keynote lectures at conferences such as the Chief Judges Conference and the National Association of Women Lawyers General Counsel Institute. She has developed communications training programs for executives at many public and private sector organizations, including the International Monetary Fund and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Such work outside the University serves not only to enhance the reputation of the department, but also to bring current trends and practices in communications back into the classroom.

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