Engaged Scholarship Certificate

Engaged Scholarship Certificate

(Formerly the Engaged Scholars Program. Current ESP students will be supported, but new applications are not being accepted.)

For full information on the Certificate, review the Swearer Center's ESC website.  

Engaged Scholarship Certificate Pamphlet


The Engaged Scholarship Certificate in Urban Studies (US) is geared for US concentrators who are especially interested in making deeper connections between their concentration curriculum and long-term engaged activities such as internships, public service, humanitarian and development work, and many other possible forms of community involvement. The program combines preparation, experience, and reflection to offer students opportunities to enhance the integration of academic learning and social engagement.


With any questions about the ESC or the transition from ESP to ESC, please contact [email protected]. You also can schedule an office hours appointment with Lindsey "Coco" Co, Program Manager, Engaged Scholarship. 

Samuel Zipp, Director of Urban Studies ([email protected])
Suzanne Brough, Academic Program Manager ([email protected])