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The Brown Experience

Independent surveys show that Brown students are among the happiest in the nation—and there are some very good reasons for that. Our warm and welcoming community embraces diversity and frees you to be your best self. We awaken new possibilities through opportunities to participate in global issues ... or to focus on a specific interest in one of our many student groups. Brown also offers the quintessential college experience as students cheer for their favorite athletic teams and savor the vibrant City of Providence.

"It's an Ivy League school with kids as brilliant and enthusiastic as you'll find anywhere, but without that "nose up in the air" feel you might experience elsewhere. Everyone is more than welcome, and everyone is thrilled to be there." 

-- Chris Berman '77,  Sportscaster

When it comes to academics, Brown’s Open Curriculum asks you to consider your personal strengths and passions—and then insists that you actively create your own academic path. While each class you take will demand the rigor you’d expect from an Ivy League education, you’ll be largely freed from the restrictions of core requirements and allowed to follow your interests. Imagine the possibilities that will come from sitting in a classroom among engaged students who all really want to be there, feel the energy as you participate in a brilliant discussion, consider the mind-opening questions: This is learning at its best.

"Our deep sense of intellectual curiosity leads us to challenge each other — inside and outside of the classroom — and at the same time, respect and learn from our differing viewpoints."

--  Brown student