Regular Decision

Most first-year students choose to apply under our Regular Decision plan, which involves applying by January 1 and receiving a decision by the end of March.

Standardized Tests

Regular Decision applicants should complete all required testing by the December test date and arrange for results to be sent directly to Brown on or before the January 1 Regular Decision deadline. You may also submit additional test scores from the January administration of the SAT; however, we cannot guarantee that these test scores will be received in time to be reviewed with your application. All applicants should have a complete set of test scores sent to Brown prior to the January 1 deadline.

You may still submit scores from the January administration of the SAT, and they will be added to your file. In addition, Brown will consider test results up to the December ACT test for Regular Decision.

Admission Decisions

Once you have submitted your Common Application, you will receive access to your Brown Applicant Portal from us on a rolling basis.

Applying under our Regular Decision plan will allow you to consider other college options before making your final decision by May 1. Admitted students are expected to decide whether to enroll by May 1, which is the common reply date for many colleges.