Standardized Test & Graded Paper

Applicants can satisfy our testing requirement in one of two ways:

  • SAT (The essay section of the SAT is optional.)
  • ACT (The writing section of the ACT is optional.)
  • We recommend, but do not require, the submission of two SAT Subject Tests of your choice. If you are applying to the Program in Liberal Medical Education, we strongly recommend one subject test in either biology, chemistry or physics.
  • English proficiency requirements for international students.

Sending Official and Self-Reported Test Scores to Brown

  • If you attend secondary school in the United States, Brown will review your application with either self-reported test scores on the Common Application or via your Brown Applicant Portal, or official test scores sent directly to Brown.
  • If you attend secondary school outside the United States, we ask you to both self-report your test scores on your application and have official test scores sent directly to Brown.
  • Early Decision admitted students will be required to submit official test scores by February 1.
  • Regular Decision admitted students who choose to enroll at Brown will be required to submit official test scores by June 1.

Graded Paper

  • We encourage applicants to submit a graded paper from an English, Literature, History, Economics, or other Humanities or Social Studies class.
  • Choose a paper from either the current or prior academic year. For example, if you are applying in the fall of your senior year, the paper should be from a class taken during your junior or senior year.
  • The paper should include the grade and comments, and if the grade and comments are available as a separate document, include that as well. 
  • The graded paper can be any length.
  • If you have submitted the essay section of the SAT or the writing section of the ACT there is no need to submit a graded paper.
  • Papers should be submitted to Brown after you submit the Common Application, through your Brown applicant portal. The deadline for submission of the graded paper is November 15th for Early Decision applicants and January 15th for Regular Decision applicants.


Institutional Code Numbers

To have scores sent to Brown, you will need to provide our institutional code numbers:

  • For the SAT, Brown's code number is 3094
  • For the ACT, Brown's code number is 3800