Application Checklist for Transfer Applicants

  • Application fee of $75 or a fee waiver
  • Common Application (Transfer Application)
  • Questions specific to Brown, including our essays are found in the section labeled "Questions." Transfer applicants to Brown are asked to answer three essay questions which are provided below if you would like to begin work on your essays now.
  1. Describe what academic field(s) you wish to pursue at Brown, how you came upon that interest, and any post-graduation career plans you may have considered. (500 word limit)

  2. What do you hope to experience at Brown through the Open Curriculum, and what do you hope to contribute to the Brown community? (250 word limit)

  3. We are confident that the information you have submitted will give us a full picture of who you are. However, if there is something we have not asked that you feel is crucial to our understanding of your candidacy to Brown, you may address that here. (300 word limit)

  • Official copy of your high school transcript.
  • Official copy of your current college transcript – including grades from your fall 2017 semester work and a list of your current course enrollments. (If you are not currently enrolled in college, we request an official copy of your most recent transcript.)
  • College Official’s Report (Report of Good Standing)
  • Two instructor evaluations from faculty who have taught you at your current college. We will accept evaluations from TAs who have been your instructors.
  • Mid Term Report. This report is found on the Common Application and available for download here. You should list your current courses and then ask each of your professors to provide a progress grade. (In most cases we expect that this will be received by our office by April 1.)
  • Applicants can satisfy our testing requirement with either (1) the redesigned SAT (the essay section of the SAT is optional.), (2) the ACT (the writing section of the ACT is optional.), or (3) the pre-March 2016 SAT. These requirements apply to all applicants, domestic and international, with the exception of domestic applicants applying from domestic community colleges.
  • Financial Aid Applicants must submit the appropriate financial aid documents when they apply. For more information visit the Office of Financial Aid.

Important Notes on Submitting Documents

  • Applicants should submit the majority of their application using the Common Application website.
  • All official documents, including high school and college transcripts, the College Official's Report, testing results and Instructor Evaluations, must be submitted to the Office of College Admission by the institutions or parties that created those documents. Official documents can be submitted by email to, by fax to 401-863-9300 or by mail to Brown University, Office of College Admission, Box 1876, Providence, RI 02912. We cannot accept official documents that have been mailed or emailed to our office by applicants themselves with one exception: the Mid Term Report can be sent directly by the applicant. 
  • By mid-March, the Office of Admission will send transfer applicants a username and password that they can use to check the completeness of their application online.
  • It is likely that any document received by our office will not be entered into our application database until a week after it has been received. If you have recently submitted a document, please understand that it may take a week or more before it is listed on your application account as having been received. In early April we will email you to let you know if any required documents are missing from your application file.

Supplementary Materials

If you are accomplished in music, you may include additional supplements with your application in the Common Application, through SlideRoom. You do not need to wait for access to your Brown Applicant Portal to upload music to SlideRoom.

When submitting through SlideRoom, Transfer material submission deadline is March 15.

Please note: SlideRoom only accepts one submission; if submitting two, you will need to sign up with a second email account.

Fee Waiver

We understand that the cost of applying to college can be prohibitive for some applicants and their families. If the application fee constitutes a financial hardship, we will accept a fee waiver in lieu of the application fee itself. The College Board provides fee waivers to students who take the SAT, and these fee waivers are accepted by our office. We will also accept a fee waiver in the form of a letter (printed on college letterhead) from a dean, advisor or financial aid officer at your home institution certifying that the application fee constitutes a financial hardship.


There are no interviews available for transfer applicants.