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Brown carries on the legacy of Rhode Island’s founding mission: individual liberty, tolerance, and freedom. Today, Brown students continue to live out such principles by choosing an academic path of their own design.  This freedom challenges students to come prepared with intelligence, personal responsibility, and self-discipline. Yet, in spite of the challenges—and also because of them—freedom always brings out the best in those ready to shine.  

We believe that all students at Brown are up to the task of freely choosing their own course of study. We're not going to tell you what to do or how to do it—that would be too simple. Instead, we're going to ask you to constantly consider your options, look ahead, and make the tough decisions that will shape the rest of your life. Of course, we'll be here to guide and support you along the way, but the inspiration, initiative, and hard work will be yours.

Over the years, our approach has proven itself in the accomplishments of our graduates. They leave their undergraduate experience at Brown already knowing the thrill of creating their own goals and confident that they have what it takes to achieve them. Their ability to master freedom responsibly gives them a huge advantage when it comes to thriving in their chosen profession and in the world beyond Van Wickle Gates. 

"Unfettered by distribution requirements, Brown students bring an amazing energy and curiosity to the classroom."

--  Jan Tullis, Professor of Geological Sciences