2012 Student Leader Award Recipients

The following award recipients were honored at the 2012 Student Leader Recognition Ceremony. The Awards are selected by the individual offices and programs sponsoring each award.


The Student Activities Office Awards

Comprehensive Preparation

For Excellent Planning

Queer Alliance and Brown Concert Agency


Dramatic Entrance

For a new arrival who made a big splash or created a lot of buzz

Dominican Students @ Brown


Forming Partnerships

For a great collaborative effort between multiple individuals or groups

Rhode Island Urban Debate League


Fostering Understanding

For efforts to increase dialogue and greater appreciation of diversity

Brown Student Language Exchange


Inspiring Action

For activism, awareness, or advocacy

Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere (HOPE)


Theory into Practice

For an student group initiatives that connect the curricular with the co-curricular.

Brown Student Agencies


The Sarah Doyle Women's Center Leadership Award

The Sarah Doyle Leadership Award

For significant contributions and leadership supporting issues of gender and issues that concern women in particular.


Amanda Kozar


The LGBTQ Resource Center Award

LGBTQ Leadership Award 

Recognizes a graduating senior who has positively affected lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning life during her/his undergraduate years at Brown.

Julia Dahlin

 Elizabeth Duthinh

Sandra Mastrangelo

 Briana McGeough

Ash Sofman


The Multicultural Alumni Committee of the Brown Alumni Association

Asian/Asian American Alumni Alliance Community Contribution Award 

This award is given to an Asian/Asian American graduating senior who has made significant contributions to the quality of life for Asian/Asian American Brown students and/or has made significant contributions to the development of the Asian/Asian American community at Brown.

Jennie Yoo ‘12

Swearer Center for Public Service Awards

The Derek Canfield Barker Prize 

Established in 1994 through a gift from Richard C. Barker '57 and Abbie D. Paterson '57 in memory of their son. The purpose of the Prize is to recognize students at Brown who have shown qualities of leadership, who have triumphed over adversity, and who have worked to bring the Brown community together through community service.

Sheila Dixon

Pierre Arreola


The Yat K. Tow Prize

Established in 1991 by the family of  Yat K. Tow '41, in his memory and funded by his family and friends. The purpose of the Prize is to recognize a junior, graduating senior, or graduate student who has advanced a shared community vision and principles of outstanding citizenship while maintaining a strong academic record. 

Robert Hunter ‘12


The Jin Prize 

The Jin Prize was established in honor of the late Dr. Yong-Son Jin, professor of Physics, and his wife, Mrs. Kyunghee Jin.  It is awarded to an outstanding graduating senior who has a achieved superior academic performance as demonstrated by grades and/or an individual project and who has a strong commitment to service, broadly defined, to Brown or to the larger community.

Elizabeth Caldwell


The Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life Awards

The Kapstein Interfaith Leadership Award 

Made possible through the generosity of the Kapstein Foundation honoring the late Reverend Charles A. Baldwin, chaplain of the University from1958-1988 is given to a member of the graduating class who has demonstrated interfaith leadership both on campus and beyond, within the confines of the academic year and/or during time away. This award acknowledges the energy, insight, imagination, and service of a student in the realm of interreligious community building and programming.

Jonah C. Fisher


The Levi Adams Citation 

Inaugurated in 2001, honors a senior(s) in the college for distinction and service in the leadership of a campus-based religious organization, project, or initiative. Dr. Adam's resilience, imagination, and strength in his varied tasks were always ground in deep spiritual convictions. Empowered by example, this citation is made to honor such service.

Arianna Ahiagbe

Norin Ansari

Leor Shtull-Leber


The President James Manning Medal:

Presented to graduating senior(s) whose pursuit of excellence in the study and practice of religion is exemplary. 

Andrew Leber

Nicholas Donias


The Brown Hillel Foundation Awards

The Robert '81 and Elana '08 Goldberg Family Ruach Award  

Given to a first-year student for demonstrated potential and exceptional first-year leadership.

Sarah Abelman '15


The Rabbi Alan C. Flam Tzedek Award 

For outstanding social justice and service leadership

Harrison Paup '14

Danielle Waldman '14


The Danny Warshay '87 Exceptional Leadership Award 

For demonstrated leadership qualities: mentoring, modeling and community building

Kelly Milman '14


The John Blacher Astounding New Initiatives Award 

Given to a student who has built a new initiative that has had a positive and sustainable impact on the Jewish Community at Brown University.

Shira Atkins '14

Lauren Bilsky '14

Spencer Fields '12

Lex Rofes '13


The Presidential Award 

Given to a senior who has demonstrated ongoing and mature commitment and leadership throughout his or her four years at Brown University.

Leor Shtull-Leber '12


The Senior Leadership Award 

Given to a senior who has demonstrated ongoing and mature commitment and leadership throughout his or her four years at Brown University.

Naomi Heilweil '12

Paige Kirsten '12

Cayla Saret '12

Ethan Tobias '12


The Division of Campus Life and Student Services Awards

The Joslin Award 

Named for the late Judge Alfred Joslin '35 and given to students graduating in May or December of each year who have made significant contributions to the University through their leadership and service.

Amanda Kozar

Amit Jain

Araceli Mendez

Brandon Broome

David Salsone

Emily Simmons

Jessica Biesel

Lorena Garcia

Remy Fernandez-O-Brien

Tara Prendergast