Student Activities Office


The Student Activities Office at Brown supports student leadership and initiative to enhance and promote campus community and to further Brown’s educational mission.

Through advising, mentoring and partnering with student leaders, the Student Activities Office seeks to empower students and enhance their capacities to be more effective and adaptive leaders.

Through supporting student engagement in leadership outside the classroom, which offers students a meaningful educational experience that enhances their personal, social, and intellectual growth, we seek to connect their co-curricular and academic lives. 

We seek to cultivate a community of student leaders that embrace social responsibility, diversity, creativity, collaboration, critical judgment, and excellence. 

It is our philosophy that organizations and collaborations that develop around student interests, identities and passions are the cornerstone of student participation in the Brown community and serve as a critical component of a university committed to “educating and preparing students to discharge the offices of life with usefulness and reputation.” 

We have organized our responsibilities into four areas: 

 1.      Foundational Student Group Services including financial services and basic information about student organizations.

 2.      Event Planning & Coordination including event and social function registration, advocacy for student space needs, coordination of University services that support student events and activities, and the maintenance and promotion of student-centered facilities.

 3.      Advising including advocacy for student-supported policies and procedures, communicating and interpreting University policies and procedures to students and being creative partners in assisting students in accomplishing their goals and meeting the needs of the Brown community.

 4.      Leadership Development which represents our focus on intentionally supporting the growth and development of individual students.