Student Activities Office


The Student Activities Office supports students as they engage in identity and community building and leadership development through co-curricular involvement. Through advising, mentoring, and collaborating with student leaders, we foster skill building and critical thinking. We bridge students’ academic pursuits with their lives outside of the classroom while promoting an inclusive campus community embedded in Brown’s educational mission.

We have organized our responsibilities into five areas:

  1. Student group and program support including event planning and coordination, advocacy for student group needs, coordination of University services that support student events and activities, management of risk and liability, and the provision of exceptional financial and customer service.
  2. Maintenance, renovation, and promotion of student-centered facilities including the Stephen Robert ‘62 Campus Center, TF Green Hall, Alumnae Hall, and Greek and Program House spaces.
  3. Advising using an individualized approach focused on experiential learning, accountability, and critical thinking. As creative partners, we work with students to help them accomplish their goals while navigating group dynamics, policies and procedures, and relationships with campus and community stakeholders. 
  4. Leadership development focused on student and group development including peer-to-peer leadership, individual advising, and departmental programs such as BOLT, OWC, and Greek and Program House engagement.
  5. Community building including the provision of departmental events and programs as well as student event support to foster community and interactional diversity. As managers of multiple campus spaces, we work to ensure accessibility, safety, and to create opportunities for all members of the campus community to engage with each other.

Operating Hours

Hours Time of Year

8:30 pm to 5:00 pm EST

Academic Year

8:00 am to 4:00 pm EST Summer

Last updated 3/20/20