Paying for Other External Services

Paying for Other External Services

If you are paying someone for a professional service (i.e. paying someone for their intellectual, artistic, and/or other talents; NOT for anything tangible, such as an actual piece of art, equipment, etc.), see "Paying Someone."

Generally, if none of the above apply, you are likely renting some equipment (such as carnival games) or an off-campus facility, and/or will be working with a contract provided by the vendor.

Generally, Brown will require the vendor provide proof of Commercial General Liability Insurance coverage in an amount not less than $1,000,000 combined single limit, per occurrence, and $1,000,000 annual aggregate. Vendors that have done business with Brown within the past year will often already have proof of insurance on file. In your initial discussions with the vendor, ask if they can provide a certificate of Commerical General Liability Insurance coverage naming Brown University as additional insured along with their contract and/or invoice. Please be sure they know that the certificate needs to indicate that the vendor will provide a 30-day notice of cancellation or non-renewal of coverage to the University. The Office of Insurance and Risk provides has additional information on amounts of insurance coverage generally required by Brown.

When you receive the contract from the vendor, please review the contract to be sure you agree with all terms; if there are any you do not agree with, please negotiate those with the contractor in advance (the SAO can help you if the contractor is not being responsive). Please note that you may use the SAO fax (401-863-1155) to receive any contracts/invoices but be sure the vendor clearly puts the name of the group and your contact information on the fax cover.

Once you agree with all the terms, bring the contract to the SAO for review. We will review to ensure the contract is fair and appropriate and confirm you have adequate funding. After the contract is reviewed and Brown and the contractor agree to all the terms, the contract must be signed by both parties. Original signatures are required.

Contracts are NOT valid commitments unless they are countersigned by the SAO Director (without the SAO Director's signature, the contract is between the individual that signed the contract and the contractor). Please allow up to two weeks for review of these contracts, plus the standard ten (10) days to obtain a check. Otherwise, payment may not be available by the time you need it.

Please note: changes made to a contract using an eraser or white-out will render the contract invalid.