What is BearLink?

BearLink, powered by Presence, is the official record system for student organizations that fall under the Undergraduate Council of Students (UCS) and Graduate Student Council (GSC). It also includes a list of Greek and Program Houses.  It allows Brown community members to search for and browse hundreds of profiles of student organizations on campus.

Organization Pages: Student organization main users may login to BearLink and set up their organization pages.  If your group's main user is inactive this semester or you need to change that person, please email [email protected].

Event Registration Form is now through Google Forms - student leaders will be able to register virtual events for the semester.  

Student users view organizations in BearLink.

Campus Activities Fair - all students (including first years) are able to view student organizations and events through BearLink.  Details about dates/times for the activities fair will be posted by USC when finalized.

 *At this time, BearLink DOES NOT not include a list of intramural and club sports, nor a comprehensive list of all departmental organizations.
  • Please refer to Brown Recreation for more information regarding intramural and club sport recognition status and appropriate academic departments for departmental organizations not listed on BearSync.
  • Departmental organizations must state the department that sponsors them in the submission to [email protected] etc. in order to be approved.

Last Updated 9/24/2020