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The Student Activities Office supports the initiatives of 500+ active, recognized student organizations.

Student Group Types

  • A Cappella
  • Academic & Professional
  • Arts
  • Campus Services & Events
  • Comedy & Improv
  • Cultural & Ethnic
  • Dance & Acrobatics
  • Departmental & Departmental Undergraduate Group (DUG)
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Graduate Student Organization
  • Greek Organizations
  • Music, Rhythm & Song
  • News & Publication
  • Political
  • Program Houses
  • Radio & Film
  • Recreational & Appreciation
  • Religious & Spiritual Life
  • Service
  • Social Action
  • Student Governance
  • Theater & Drama

Other Student Groups

The Student Activities Office works in a limited capacity with the following:

Derecognized Groups

The following organizations are currently derecognized by Brown University, the Undergraduate Council of Students (UCS),or any Greek Council on campus.  If you have any questions regarding an organization's status, please contact the Student Activities Office at 401-863-2341. 

Participation in Derecognized Student Groups

It is a violation of University policy for students to knowingly affiliate with groups, teams, or organizations that have had their University recognition suspended or permanently revoked by the University for disciplinary reasons. The definition of affiliation includes joining, rushing, pledging or being involved in any activity that would normally be associated with being a member of such an organization. This applies to organizations that were created by members of a derecognized organization in an attempt to continue its presence on campus.

This prohibited conduct does not apply to unrecognized student groups who have never had University recognition or who are currently not recognized by the University because of non-disciplinary disbandment. However, known members of unrecognized student groups may be held accountable for any prohibited conduct by these groups. 

For more information please read the Brown University Code of Student Conduct

Derecognized Student Organizations

Program Houses

  • International House (Buxton) - derecognized in 2019

Greek Organizations

  • Phi Kappa Psi, RI Alpha Chapter - derecognized in 2015
  • Sigma Chi, Beta Nu chapter - derecognized in 2019
  • Beta Rho Pi - dissolved in 2021

Last updated 05/12/2021