Confidentiality and Privacy

Confidentiality is important to us. You can be assured that your protected  health information (PHI) will be maintained in a secure and confidential manner.

  • You, the student, are our patient; parents/guardians do not have access to your medical records without your consent. We do however encourage you to communicate with your parents about your health care.

  • You have the opportunity to approve or refuse the release of protected health information.

  • We do not accept "blanket releases" from patients to discuss their health with their parent or guardian. If you would like us to share information, you must authorize a release for each health problem. We encourage you to discuss health concerns with your parent/guardian as appropriate and will gladly speak with them at your request.

  • Medical information is not released to other university staff (such as deans or professors) without your written consent. There are a few exceptions when release of specific information without your expressed consent is necessary in emergencies or is required by law (such as in court cases involving claims of insurance fraud, malpractice or liability).

  • Each year, every staff member at Health Services signs a legally-binding confidentiality agreement.