Food Allergens

Special Dietary Needs at Brown Faculty Club Events

The Brown Faculty Club is committed to meeting the needs of guests who have special dietary restrictions (such as a food allergy, intolerance or other medically restricted diet) and recognizes that many of our guests may also adhere to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

The Brown Faculty Club is able to safely and reasonably guide event planners in booking events and making menu selections which can accommodate their guests. In most instances, food allergies and intolerances can be managed independently at events, however, please note:

  • The Brown Faculty Club does not label all allergens at functions.
  • With advance notice, The Brown Faculty Club can generally accommodate guests who must avoid the most common food allergens, as well as gluten.
  • The Brown Faculty Club is unable to accommodate individual dietary preferences. Dietary preferences can be made directly to the event planner. It is the event planner's decision to modify the event menu based on guest preference.
  • The Brown Faculty Club is unable to accommodate for therapeutic diets (i.e. diabetic diet, cardiac diet, renal diet, etc.)

How to Request an Accommodation

Step 1: Event Planner: Have your food allergic guest(s) complete form

Event planners must submit a formal request (BFC Event – Guest Allergen Form) to The Brown Faculty Club Function Manager for each guest requiring a meal accommodation. These must be submitted no later than (four) 4 business days from the event date.

Why should the guest(s) complete this form? The event planner assumes responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of information provided to The Brown Faculty Club department. As the guest is the one who truly understands his or her needs, in order to avoid mishandling of a special requirement, The Brown Faculty Club strongly suggests that event planners guide guests to complete the form themselves. Additionally, The Brown Faculty Club is unable to accept requests submitted through other means.

Step 2: Event Planner: Gather and submit all forms

The Guest Allergen form(s) should be collected by the event planner who will submit them to the Function Manager, The Brown Faculty Club is unable to accommodate requests received less than (four) 4 days prior.

Step 3: Guests identify themselves at the event

Events with The Brown Faculty Club service staff

  • If a guest has submitted a written request within the required timeframe, they should self-identify to the Manager at the event.
  • If a plated dinner is being served, the Manager or designee will hand-deliver the special meal to the guest.
  • If the event is self-service or buffet style, the Manager or designee will either hand-deliver a special meal to the guest or provide the guest further instruction.
  • In the event a food-allergic guest for whom an advance formal request was not submitted identifies a special need at the event, the guest will be notified that a special meal is not available.
    • The guest should use discretion and independently select items from the menu which they believe are safe to consume.
  • The Brown Faculty Club is not always able to handle special meal preparation requests on-site.

Meal service without The Brown Faculty Club staff

  • The Brown Faculty Club is unable to assume responsibility for events where special dietary accommodations have been made and where our service staff is not present. (Examples of this are: Bakery Take Away Orders, A La Carte Take Away Meals and Take Away Platters).
    • Event planners or on-site contacts should receive the delivery, which will include a properly- labeled special dietary meal, and hand-deliver to the guest(s) for whom you requested a special accommodation.

Special Dietary Needs & External Vendors

Through its normal business process, The Brown Faculty Club may approve orders through an external vendor. The Brown Faculty Club food allergy procedures do not carry over to another vendor’s services, and The Brown Faculty Club does not assume responsibility for another vendor’s product or service. In the case of a guest with a food allergy, intolerance or other medically restricted diet, we suggest you contact the vendor directly to answer your questions or concerns. The following guidelines may help to ensure the safety of you or your guests when working with an outside vendor.

  1. Reach out to the Manager or point person for the respective restaurant or catering service to get a sense of their menu offerings, how they label menu items and how they handle special dietary requests.
  2. Speak with the Manager about placing orders for guests with special dietary needs and to what level they are able to accommodate.
  3. If they are able to accommodate, feel free to ask how a specially prepared meal flows through the operation and arrives to the guest. Know your responsibility as a guest when items are being served. For example, informing the server of your needs.
  4. Inquire as to whether the restaurant has a food allergen management plan in place and if the chefs are specially trained to modify meals to be free of particular allergens?

A restaurant should be able to supply, upon request, a list of ingredients for a menu item. It’s possible that if a meal is prepared off-site, ingredient information is not available.