President's Message

January-February 2016

Hi, Faculty Club members!  WTTNY! and IHYHAHAH2016!  Oh, good gosh!  My bad!  Did I just slip into social media gobbledy-speak?  What I meant to say is, “Welcome To The New Year!  and I Hope You Have A Happy And Healthy 2016!”

Nonetheless...  OMG and FWIW, don’t you sometimes ROFL at the abbreviations and shortcuts in cyber-world communication?  IDK about you, but I often want to SMH in shock… JK, JK!  My head would spin like a top if I SMH… LOL!  That said, IMHO it would be totally appropriate to give a PDA to our Club by using our services.  After all, YOLO and wouldn’t it be cool to be a BFF with the Club?  ICYMI, the Club is the bees’ knees – the Betty Boop of One Magee Street.  NVM… I’m just being silly (yet again!). 

One thing to be sure of, however, is that you won’t find shortcuts and abbreviated quality in the Club’s food, staff, and other services.  A mark of excellence is consistency, and I feel totally confident in saying that consistency is a hallmark of our Club.  As we enter the New Year, you can be assured that our New Year’s Resolution is to be here when you need us.

As I’ve mentioned in other Prez Messages, please feel free to contact us if you have ideas for dinner themes, luncheon themes, special events, and other promotional ideas.  One of our slogans is, “USE US!  WE LOVE TO BE USED!” 

By the way, do you remember back to the buildup to the Year 2000?  16 years!  Has it been so long?  I was a “young buck” pushing age 50… now I’m an Emeritus faculty member!  How about you?  Who were you back then?  Over all those years, our Club has been here… at the same location… ready to serve… and with a view to make the Club as inclusive as possible.

I know that in this world where there are options and enticements beckoning us constantly, and luring our keypad-edgy fingertips to try new things, it can be a challenge to keep all options in mind.  I can only repeat my request that you make the Club one of your TOP SEVEN for dining and events.  YOU are the lifeblood of the Club… just as our STAFF is the day-to-day energy and spirit.  YOUR patronage keeps the Club in operation, and combined with the Club STAFF, it is an UNBEATABLE COMBINATION. 

So… looking forward (already!) to when the Club enters 2017, I hope and trust we can say that 2016 was a banner year!

Ooops!  Space is getting short.  GTG...TTFN...TTYL…LOL!  BTW, big news coming in the next Prez Message!  

-- Bill Rakowski, President of the Brown Faculty Club