President's Message

January / February 2018

To all faculty, students, and alumni:

Happy New Year!

January is a time for new beginnings.  As 2017 comes to a close, you can sing Auld Lang Syne to the newsletter arriving though regular Mail.  

The New Year brings a “greening” of the Club.  Yes, we will be going paperless in 2018. The Club is moving into the digital age, switching to electronic delivery of the newsletter with the March/April edition.  Members will be contacted in January and February to verify a current email address. 

In addition to gaining communications efficiency, the move to electronic delivery brings with it the opportunity to give our members more frequent updates of all the new and exciting happenings at the club.

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Visit the Club for lunch during our weekly Thursday Community Buffet luncheons; a place to network and socialize while enjoying exceptional cuisine. 

The Club will no longer be offering a la carte dinner service to make way for many other social events to be featured in the evenings, and coming soon, a new Chef Series.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone you love. Join us for a spectacular Valentine’s Dinner at our Club.

Wishing you a prosperous New Year! 

 -- Joseph DiMartino, President of the Brown Faculty Club