President's Message

September 2016

To all faculty, students, and alumni:

As I begin my term as president of the Faculty Club, I can’t say enough about the success that the club has seen under the leadership of Bill Rakowski. The Club is a great place; I would say that we have, in fact, a world-class Faculty Club. I doubt that I’d be able to make that statement if we did not have Bill at the helm. We owe him a tremendous amount of gratitude. Following him will be a major challenge.

As I’ve been thinking about this challenge, I’ve been reflecting on a conversation I had with my football coach when I was in high school. It was a long time ago, 50 years in fact! I had just completed a pre-season game where I had scored two touchdowns. I thought that I was the best running back in the state!

But, my coach, who played for the Chicago Bears and had been rookie of the year in the NFL, was concerned. He came over to me and put his arm around my shoulder and said “You had a great game today. I’m going to tell you something that George Halas (the famous coach and owner of the Bears) told me. ‘You never stay the same. Either you get better, or you get worse.’ Make sure you’re constantly working on getting better. If you don’t do that, you’ll certainly be getting worse.”

Despite the 50 years that have passed, that conversation has been a major influence on my thoughts and actions over my entire adult life. I find myself reflecting on that statement as I am now in a position of trying to support a great club to continue to grow and get better. Fortunately, we have both a great staff and great board of managers. And yet, we could use your help. It’s your Club, and we need to hear from you about your desires and vision for the Club.

Help us to make the faculty club even better!
 -- Joseph DiMartino, President of the Brown Faculty Club