President's Message

March 2017

To all faculty, students, and alumni:

To all faculty, students and alumni:

As I mentioned in my last letter, the real value of our Club is the dedicated and caring staff that treats everyone that enters our doors with warmth and cheer. This letter will continue to highlight the endearing qualities of the staff. General Manager Mary Hogan and Executive Chef Dave Chabot have nurtured a diverse group of individuals that come together to provide truly outstanding service to our members.

Cheryl Carberry the Club’s Function Manager has planned countless memorable events with University departments, external organizations, our Club members, families and friends. Over the past two decades, I have used the Club for dozen’s of meetings and events ranging in size from a business meeting of 6 people to a wedding reception of 120 people. Thanks to Cheryl’s involvement planning for these events was incredibly simple.

Of course, carrying out the event plans requires a committed team of professionals. Alex Reyes, the Dining and Functions Supervisor makes sure that everything goes off exactly as you’ve planned. He brings over ten years of experience at the University focusing on ensuring that our members and guests have a quality experience every time they visit the Club. 

The first person you will see as you enter the Club is almost always Carol Knowles, the Lead Hostess. She very nicely reflects the welcoming nature of the Club. The wait staff is usually the next group you will meet. We are fortunate to have regulars like Claudia, Nony and Brian. And, the occasional opportunity for Brown students to serve in that capacity is refreshing, indeed.

To keep a Club as diverse and as ours requires behind the scene support that we don’t often interact with or appreciate. But, without them, our Club would not function very well at all. The culinary team Patty, Louis, Maria, Manny and Eunice all assist Executive Chef Chabot to insure that we regularly are provided with a fine dining experience. And, Kristen DePetro, our Office Coordinator brings her strong communications background in both higher education and restaurants to keep us all on an even keel.

Writing this letter was a pleasure. Reflecting on the strengths of our outstanding staff leaves me with even greater warm feelings to our Club.

 -- Joseph DiMartino, President of the Brown Faculty Club