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Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Sexual Assault Response Line
Student and Family Crisis Support
401-863-3145, weekdays
401-863-3322, nights/weekends

The Bear Tips program provides the Brown community with helpful tips to ensure not only ones own safety, but that of their friends, roommates, classmates, co-workers, and the community at large.  Bruno Says: We can all do our part to make Brown safe!BU Bear TipsBU Bear Tips

protect yourself

For any on campus emergency or any emergency involving Brown students, faculty or staff, call 401-863-4111.

Brown Guardian is a mobile application which enhances personal safety. 

Want to enhance your ability to recognize and reduce personal safety risks?  Learn risk-avoidance skills and practical hands-on resistance strategies through comprehensive self-defense training with DPS. 

A Personal Safety Alarm (PAL) is a small portable device that when activated sounds a loud alarm to draw attention to a dangerous situation or to scare off an offender.

Email the Department of Public Safety (DPS) with your non-emergency campus safety inquiry or concern to receive a direct response from a DPS representative.

getting around safely

Brown University Shuttles provide fixed route service across Brown's campus (College Hill, South Main St., Medical School/Jewelry District and hospitals.

For evening point-to-point transportation, request an OnCall Shuttle pickup.

The Brown SEAS onCall service is a shuttle bus for members of the Brown community who have disabilities and need assistance getting around campus.

RISD Rides will operate 7 days per week during the academic year, from 5:00 pm - 3:15 am.

Why walk alone?  Call for a Safewalk escort across campus; there is safety in numbers!

Outdoor emergency phones can be used for calling within the university phone system and have  an emergency call button (marked in red).

Whether you are walking to class or heading off-campus to enjoy the mall, here a few quick tips to help you to get there safely.

Have you seen the "Yellow Jacket" security personnel across campus?  They are working with DPS to help keep you and our community safe.

International SOS provides Brown University travelers with 24 hour worldwide medical and travel assistance, including emergency evacuation.

personal crisis support

Provides free and confidential counseling to Brown students.  Staff will also consult with students, faculty and staff who are concerned about the wellbeing of another student. Urgent mental health care is available 24-hours a day.

Student Support Services is available to assist students with a wide-range of issues and concerns that might arise during their time at Brown. The Student Support Services Deans provide 24-hour crisis services for undergraduate, graduate, and medical students with personal or family emergencies, and are available by appointment to consult with individual students about their personal questions/concerns.

Confidential crisis support and information is available for any Brown student dealing with sexual assault. The on-call counselor is also available to accompany a survivor to the hospital.

Contact the Department of Public Safety (DPS) for comprehensive support services for victims of crime to include safety planning, advocacy, court accompaniment and case assistance.

The SHARE (Sexual Harassment & Assault Resources & Education) Advocates in BWell Health Promotion are confidential resources on campus that can provide support to any student from any part of the University (undergraduate, graduate, and medical students) affected by issues or experiences related to:

Sexual Assault
Sexual and/or Gender-based Harassment
Domestic/Dating Violence
Relational Abuse

Your two SHARE Advocates are:

keeping brown safe

BrownReady describes the emergency preparedness efforts for Brown University which is hosted on the Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) website.

Report suspicious activity and persons by calling 401-863-3322. An officer will subsequently be dispatched to the area to investigate the matter.

Learn more about the various emergency communication systems utilized at Brown University.

Information on hostile intruder (aka active shooter) situations or how to handle individuals displaying signs of distress.

Learn more about the fire safety resouces that Brown has available for on-campus or off-campus living. 

The Brown University Emergency Action Plan has been developed to ensure the safety of Brown students, faculty, staff and guests in the event of any emergency situation.

Learn more about Brown's program for indivuals who may have difficulty evacuating a building during an emergency.