Pedestrian Safety

Whether you are walking to class or heading off-campus to enjoy the mall, here a few quick tips to help you to get there safely.

Cross Only At Designated Crosswalks

  • Entering into the street between parked vehicles and at locations that do not have crosswalk markings, puts you at great risk as drivers may not see you entering into the street.
  • When crossing the street at any location other than a designated crosswalk or intersection remember, the vehicle has the right- of- way.  See RIGL Chapter 31-18.

Look In Both Directions Before Crossing The Street

  • Don’t ever assume that a vehicle will stop at a stop sign.  Always look to ensure it is safe to cross the street and that there are no vehicles approaching.

Always Walk Facing Oncoming Traffic

  • It is safer to walk with a clear view of oncoming traffic, especially when you are walking along streets that do not have sidewalks.
  •  When you are able to see clearly, it will be easier to react and move to safety if necessary.

Wear Reflective Material At Night

  • When walking, or jogging at night, always wear reflective material (hat, vest, etc.) so that you are visible to drivers.
  • Increasing your visibility maximizes your safety on the road.

Always Pay Attention To and Obey Traffic Signals

  • Pay attention to traffic lights and signals at crosswalks.  Traffic flow is predictable at these locations and it is important that you not cross the street when the flow of traffic is steady.
  • Never try to dart through traffic as vehicle operators travel at different speeds.  Your judgment as to how fast a vehicle may actually be going may not always be accurate.
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