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Ivy League Intercollegiate Leadership Colloquium on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Colloquium is an opportunity for undergraduates from Ivy League campuses to participate in a weekend of conversation exploring the challenges posed to campus life by the Israeli-Palestine conflict. Cognizant that campus is the locus of dialogue and growth at critical points of students' lives, as well as a period of tremendous identity formation, the Avi Schaefer Fund believes that deep, honest engagement with individuals with different world views will serve all and work to create a generation of young leaders who can move things forward. Using cutting edge techniques for dialogue, listening, and processing, the Colloquium does not seek to find solutions but to create platforms that can offer openings rather than dead ends. It is less about facts and objective truths, rather about narratives and advancing the conversation.

The Avi Schaefer Fund is seeking students who are:

  • committed to their identities and communities
  • believe that engagement offers more potential for addressing the issues than disengagement
  • have strong beliefs and passions around the Israel-Palestine conflict
  • realize that the tone set on campus reverberates out to the world and sets the tone more than anyone realizes
  • want to turn campus into a productive vehicle in the Israel-Palestine conflict

A pdf of the application is available on this web page.  Please complete all sections and return it to the Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life, 411 J. Walter Wilson Building, by 5 p.m. on Friday, November 30, 2012.  If necessary, a follow-up interview may be conducted.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Chaplain of the University at