OCRL's day-to-day work makes possible connections between the Brown family and its neighboring religious and community organizations. The many campus departments and organizations, with which OCRL collaborates, match and then multiply its efforts throughout the University. On average, the chaplaincy and its affiliates engage approximately 60 percent of the student body and 40 percent of Brown's staff, faculty, and alumni.

Through the multifaith character of the chaplaincy and its relationship to some eighteen religious life affiliates, OCRL continues to support a diversity of beliefs in the Brown University community, facilitating the deepening of individuals' experience within their own belief systems and expanding religious literacy, broadening knowledge of other spiritualities and religious ideas that abound on campus, and promoting an ongoing interfaith dialogue.

Religious Life Affiliates support student religious organizations and are supervised by the University’s chaplains. Click here to meet them.


Rev. Janet Cooper Nelson

Chaplain of the University

Rabbi Michelle Dardashti

Associate University Chaplain for the Jewish Community

Rev. Delphain Demosthenes


Megan O'Brien Crayne

Campus Minister, Brown-RISD Catholic Community

Jermaine Pearson

Associate Chaplain of the University for the Protestant Community

Father Edmund McCullough, O.P.

Associate Chaplain of the University for the Catholic Community

Amir A. Toft

Associate Chaplain of the University for the Muslim Community




Philip Torphy

Administrative Assisant

Mark Steinbach

University Organist