The Career Development Cycle: Assessment

As you make thoughtful decisions regarding your concentration, internship opportunities, research projects, employment possibilities, graduate school, or career paths, it helps to think about who you are to begin to develop an understanding of your skills, interests, and values.

Self-assessment is a process to consider periodically during all stages of your education, working life, and personal development. The benefit of self-assessment is that you get a more thorough understanding of yourself while being able to articulate the pertinent information to peers, colleagues, professors, and employers.

Get Started

  • Schedule a half-hour appointment with a career advisor to talk through your interests and see what fields might be worth exploring.



  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) – an web-based inventory designed to assess your personality type and associated strengths and weaknesses. Schedule a meeting with a career advisor to take the MBTI.
  • Strong Interest Inventory – a web-based questionnaire that compares your interests with the population in general and with people working in a large number of careers. Schedule a meeting with a career advisor to take the Strong.
  • Focus – An online self assessment tool – which you can use on your own or prior to meeting with a career advisor . This interactive tool helps to determine your interests, values, preferences, and skills, and provides you with suggested career paths based on your individual results

Follow the steps below to complete FOCUS.

  • Go to the FOCUS web site.
  • Create your new account. The Brown-specific access code is "Brown."
  • Complete the five modules in the “Self-Assessment” section.

Once you’ve completed FOCUS, you’ll have information about yourself and potential concentrations and careers, as well as many questions. You can meet with a CareerLAB advisor to discuss your results and to develop an action plan for next steps.