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Using Vault's Career Resouces

Vault is a rich on-line resource that gathers information on professions, industries, and employers. Students at Brown have unlimited free access. The site allows you to:

  • Download career titles on different Industries, Companies, and general Career Topics 
  • Research Top Employers
  • Explore Industries and Professions
  • Gain Career Advice to Get Ahead
  • Share and Discuss your interests and experiences with other users

Vault has a two-step authentication process:

  1. Go to their website and log in with your Brown credentials.
  2. Once inside you will need to create your Vault account.

Career LAB's Guide to Consulting Interviews

Interview Preparation & Case Partners

NEW! -- The CareerLAB has purchased access to Case Coach, a leading provider of online prep for consulting applications and case interviews, developed by former McKinsey interviewers and headhunters. Click here to learn more and access the Case Coach resources.

The consulting interview process consists of two parts: the personal experience interview and the business case portion. The personal experience interview consists of a “get to know” conversation including questions about your resume, motivations to become a consultant, strengths, experiences working in teams, and many other possible scenarios. The case portion of the interview consists of the interviewer presenting a business problem, often one the consultant has actually faced, to consider.

During the case portion (often 75% of a 30 minute to 1 hour interview) interviewees are expected to logically, creatively, and in a structured manner describe how they would approach the problem. While problem solving skills and the ability to present logical arguments and hypotheses are skills that Ph.D., masters, law degree, and medical degree students have in spades, the ability to think on the spot and coherently address issues relevant to businesses takes practice. 
There are a few general suggestions from alumni to consider when preparing for the interview:

1) Do not neglect preparing for the personal interview section of the interview. While performing well on the case is a necessary component of getting a job, it is not a sufficient criteria. Interviewees should come prepared to answer the commonly asked interview questions with stories that demonstrate the interviewee’s key abilities and achievements.

2) When interviews come, there are often up to five in one day so be prepared to spend many hours each week for the months preceding interviews practicing and building stamina. A benchmark is to practice cases with a partner (NEVER ALONE) 3-5 times per week for two months before interviews.

3) When applying for firms, remember that consulting jobs are very difficult to land. However, with enough determination, enough preparation, enough networking with companies, and by spreading your job search net wide you will be able to enter this exciting industry.

To get started, the CareerLAB suggests getting a free subcription to Victor Cheng's Case Interview listserv. This is a fantastic resource as you begin your interview preparation.

NEW! -- The CareerLAB has purchased access to Case Coacha leading provider of online prep for consulting applications and case interviews, developed by former McKinsey interviewers and headhunters. Click here to learn more and access the Case Coach resources.

In addition, the CareerLAB has secured a subscription for all Brown University students and alums to Marc Cosentino's Case Questions Five Hour Training. PLEASE EMAIL [email protected] FOR THE REQUIRED PASSWORD TO THIS RESOURCE. 

Please keep in mind that the Five Hour Training is only a starting point. We recommend viewing videos on youtube for tips on how to succeed in a case interview and practicing with a case partner. Some examples of videos are listed above in Learning Materials. 

Also check out Victor Cheng's Case Interview Workshop on YouTube


To find a case practice partner at Brown, sign up and search this google doc (for current Brown University students only)


    Alumni in the Field (year, company, occupation, concentration)

  • 1997, The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. , Consultant, Anthropology
  • 2012, Microsoft Corporation, Consultant, Engineering
  • 2011, Deloitte & Consulting, Consultant, International Relations
  • 2014, Turner & Townsend, Consultant, Economics
  • 2012, Bain & Company, Consultant, Applied Mathematics- Economics

Visit Brown Connect  for more consulting alumni examples.

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