Advise Students for Careers

Students who are confused or uncertain about their career options are strongly encouraged to develop an individualized plan in consultation with any career counselor.  This applies to all class years. Many students mistakenly think that CareerLAB is only for those who have figured things out. It’s also a place for students who are unsure of what fields to pursue or even what questions to ask. Students schedule individual appointments with advisors through Brown Handshake*

In addition, CareerLAB can help students with a wide-range of specific career interests. We have advisors with knowledge across a number of areas, including public interest, education, non-profits, government, communications, entertainment, and media.

Finally, students simply interested in asking a few basic questions or starting a resume may want to attend our walk in hours which are Monday–Friday from 1:30-3:30pm.


*Handshake is the new and improved way to engage with CareerLAB and apply for jobs and internships. Read more about Handshake here. The Brown Student Job and Internship Board will be shut down on June 30. If you have any documents (including resumes and cover letters) on the JIB that you want to keep and that you don’t have saved anywhere else download them before June 30.