Post-Graduate Data

Class of 2016 Post-Grad Plans At a Glance

Take a look at our CareerLAB By the Numbers document which highlights immediate post-graduate plans, employment by industry, and most attended graduate and professional schools for the Class of 2016. 

Class of 2016 Post-Grad Plans

Brown graduates find success across a broad array of employment opportunities, post-graduation studies or other endeavors. CareerLAB's information on graduates from the Class of 2o16 yielded data from 1,337 out of a total class of 1,584, a knowledge rate of 84%. 

Post-graduation Plans

Number of Graduates

Percent of Graduates

Additional Information

Employment 942 70% More >>
Graduate or Professional Studies 277 21% More >>
Other Endeavors 118 9% More >>




Information on post-graduation activities was obtained through multiple sources. CareerLAB launched a survey to the graduating class just prior to commencement in May 2016 and periodically sent reminders to non-responders until the end of December 2016, yielding 979 responses. Other sources of information include a parent survey sent in December 2016 and kept open until mid-January; the National Student Clearinghouse report on Fall 2016 matriculation to graduate and professional schools; employer hiring information; the Brown Office of Advancement; and LinkedIN. 

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