Post-Graduate Data

Class of 2015 Post-Grad Plans At a Glance

Take a look at our CareerLAB By the Numbers document which highlights immediate post-graduate plans, employment by industry, and most attended graduate and professional schools for the Class of 2015. 




Class of 2015 Post-Grad Plans

Brown graduates find success across a broad array of employment opportunities, post-graduation studies or other endeavors. CareerLAB's information on graduates from the Class of 2o15 yielded data from 1,352 out of a total class of 1,635, a knowledge rate of 83%. 

Post-graduation Plans

Number of Graduates

Percent of Graduates

Additional Information

Employment 929 69% More >>
Graduate or Professional Studies 275 20% More >>
Other Endeavors 148 11% More >>




Information on post-graduation activities was obtained through multiple sources. CareerLAB launched a survey to the graduating class just prior to commencement in May 2015 and periodically sent reminders to non-responders until the end of September 2015, yielding 1,010 responses.  A survey was sent to parents in December 2015 and was kept open until mid-January, yielding an additional 264 responses. Other sources of information include the National Student Clearinghouse report on Fall 2015 matriculation to graduate and professional schools, employer hiring information, the Brown Office of Advancement, and LinkedIN. 

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