Interfolio: Letter Writer FAQs

Why does Brown use Interfolio?
Interfolio is the premiere online credentialing service that maintains letters of recommendation and other dossier documents in a safe, secure system. File holders can request letters of recommendation and dossier file forwarding online, as well as monitor the status of their documents and delivery requests anytime, anywhere from a standard web browser.

Do I have to open an Interfolio account to submit a letter of recommendation?
No. But the service makes the process of storing and revising letters so easy and efficient, we hope that you will. Letter Writer accounts are free and easy to set up. Once you have an account, you can upload letters to Interfolio's secure server. You'll have permanent access to all letters you upload, which you can also easily update. 

How do I set up my Interfolio letter writer account?
Simply go to Interfolio's web site and set up a free Letter Writer account. The process is simple and takes about two minutes. Once your account is set up, you can upload letters of recommendation for students who have Interfolio accounts. You can review, edit and update the  at any time.

What file types does Interfolio support?
Interfolio accepts documents created in any word processing format, as well as pdfs. When a document is uploaded, Interfolio automatically converts and saves the document in pdf format.

How do I upload a letter?
Once you have received a request form from a student, log in to your Letter Writer account. Then click on the “Write Recommendations” page and enter the document ID# found on the student request form you received. Browse for your document and upload it. 

Is uploading an electronic letter my only option?
No. If you wish to mail your letter, simply print and sign your letter of recommendation, and mail the letter and the student's request form to:

Interfolio, Inc.
Paper Processing Center
1900 L. Street NW
Suite # 603
Washington, DC 20036

Will my letter be confidential?
When students submit a request for a letter of recommendation, they must indicate whether or not they waive their right of access to the letter. The choice that the requestor made is noted in their request form.

What if I am having trouble using Interfolio?
Interfolio has an entire section devoted to answering your questions. You can also call Interfolio's help desk at 1-877-77-FOLIO.