Internships allow you to explore different career fields, develop professional skills, build your résumé, and make yourself a better candidate for later internships and eventually a full-time job. Internships are great experiential learning opportunities and allow you to connect what you are learning in the classroom to the professional, working world.

Get Started

Internship Databases and Listings

  • BrownConnect: the new presidential initiative aimed at increasing internship opportunities and linking students to the Brown community for career success. Search tool that allows you to find internship and research opportunities, search for funding, and connect with alumni.
  • Bridge.Jobsa newly developed program that focuses on connecting employers and students in Rhode Island to provide internships.
  • For international opportunities use Going Global and Transitions Abroad.

Tip Sheets & Resources

  • How to Find an Internship: Your strategy guide for how to approach the internship hunt.
  • Explore Industry Specific Resources to get a better idea of job opportunities that may interest you, resources for that particular industry, and related events.
  • Come see us.  Make an appointment with a counselor counselor and develop your own customized search plan and reduce the stress often associated with this process.