Julia Issa

Julia Issa
Communications and Outreach Manager

Julia joined the CareerLAB in August 2019 and is responsible for the department’s marketing, communications, and social media activities. 

Prior to joining CareerLAB, Julia has worked as a Graphic Designer and Digital Marketer at the Providence Journal, and Fender.  In November 2016, she began her career at Brown in the Office of Continuing Medical Education at The Warren Alpert Medical School.

Get to Know Julia...

Most interesting Job:  Tour guide/Office Manager at the Gilbert Stuart Musuem. (Also the site of the first snuff mill in the USA)
Dirtiest Job:  I worked at a Weis Market and I used to have to clean the giant rotesserie chicken machines.
Fun/Unexpected Fact:
I started gardening two years ago without any prior interest and am now obessed.
Right Now I am reading:  Listening to Untamed. Reading: The Midnight Library. (I usually have two going)
Ask me about:  Adopting/Fostering dogs
Favorite place: Cape Cod
Keep me away from: Insomnia cookies. I cannot stop.
Did you have a pager? Yes, but I do not know why I had one. Who was paging me? I was a freshman in high school. It was baby blue and I would ride my bike to pay my $7 a month fee.
Have you ever used a typewriter? No, but we did have a word processor. Do people remember those?
DC or Marvel? MARVEL!
Favorite Super hero: I love Hawkeye and the Black Widow. (They both have/had no powers and do/did serious damage)