Law and Public Policy: Labor, Organizing, and Activism

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Industry Information

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Social Advocacy Organizations

  • "Public Interest Career"   >> 
  • "A Beginners Guide to Activism"   >> 
  • "So You Want to be an Activist"  >> 
  • "The Activist’s Handbook"  >>  
  • "How to be an Activist for Causes You Believe in"  >>


Well-Known Organizations

Resources and Alumni

  • Internship Search Guide 2022 Campaign and Social Change
  • 1982, PA Office of Consumer Advocate, Assistant Consumer Advocate, Attorney/ Assistant Consumer Advocate, History
  • 2008, Custora, Customer Advocate, Economics/ Medieval Cultures
  • 1981, Sierra Club - Austin Beyond Coal Campaign, Volunteer Advocate, Mathematics
  • 1991, IBM Corporation, Developer Advocate, Economics
  • 1985, Raymond James, Vice President/ Advisor Advocate, International Relations

You can find dozens, if not hundreds, of more professional alumni by searching keywords in the Brown Connect website and the Brown Alumni LinkedIn page.

Professional Associations


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