Mission & Vision

About Us

CAPS is part of Brown University Health & Wellness. Our peer offices are Health Services, B'Well, and EMS, and all four offices report to the Executive Director of Health & Wellness. We are part of the larger Division of Campus Life & Students Services.


CAPS seeks to support and enhance the psychosocial well being and development of all students. We contribute to student success by providing an entry point for compassionate care for a spectrum of concerns from severe mental health issues to young adult developmental concerns. We are committed to delivering services that are accessible and confidential in a culturally competent and socially just environment, in keeping with the overall university mission.


CAPS strives to eliminate disparities in help-seeking. Emotionally healthy students are able to engage more fully with their intellectual and creative goals while forming and sustaining meaningful relationships.  They are able to grow and reflect in ways that allow them to make the most of their time at Brown, preparing them for life-long personal exploration and community engagement. We intend to elevate the importance of psychological well being for all our students. To support increased accessibility and help-seeking, we are exploring and integrating  technology that  improves our systems design and service delivery. We aim to be recognized as an influential and collaborative voice in student affairs in the areas of cultural competence and social justice, in our globally diverse university community. We are also committed to valuing and retaining a culturally diverse and multidisciplinary staff. To this end, we pursue knowledge and skills in cutting edge, evidence-based approaches that attend to the whole person.