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Brown LGBTQ Center's Statement of Values and Support For Trans Community Members


Brown LGBTQ Center’s Statement of Values and Support for Trans Community Members

As we enter a new school year, the LGBTQ Center at Brown University wants to assert our values and make a clear statement about how we support trans, nonbinary, and questioning community members on campus. Recently, a research study that has been subject to significant criticism within the scientific community regarding its methodology has made headlines. As a consequence, news of the study has emboldened bigoted and discriminatory attitudes that have real-life consequences for members of our own community, especially trans youth.  This has been harmful and dehumanizing to our students as well as staff and faculty. 

The LGBTQ Center supports Brown's core academic mission by contributing to intellectual discourses related to its mission as well as ensuring equitable access to educational opportunities.  We want to reaffirm that the LGBTQ Center and our colleagues are committed to supporting trans, nonbinary, and questioning students, staff, and faculty using best practices to provide the highest quality, trans-affirming advocacy and support. We partner with Brown Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and University Health Services to collectively provide access, without undue barriers, to medical resources on and off-campus. Brown University health insurance provides trans-inclusive coverage for therapy, hormones, and gender affirmation surgeries for students, staff, and faculty. We have worked hard to create a range of support systems across campus and we are committed, fully, to creating a community where trans, nonbinary, and questioning students, staff, and faculty are able to be their complete selves free of harassment and discrimination. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the staff at the LGBTQ Center to learn more about all of the support resources available to members of the Brown community.