Pronouns at Brown

October 2021

New system updates have become available in Workday and in Banner to allow members of the Brown community to add their pronouns into our systems.  


Staff and faculty: Information coming soon.


Brown University has launched a system update in Banner to provide an option for all students to add their personal gender pronouns into Banner.  Phase I of this update will allow pronouns to be visible in the following computer systems across campus:

●      Banner

●      Offices of Registrar, Office of Financial Aid, Bursar's Office

●      Student Accessibility Services

●      Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards

●      Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity

●      Student Support Services and Dean of the College Support Deans

●      Banner Faculty Class list

Additional systems will be added in a phased manner.  This phased approach will allow for Brown to provide the option in some systems right away while we work to provide expanded access to more systems over time.  Below we’ve listed answers to some frequently asked questions.  This is an ongoing project so we have provided a feedback form below for anyone who would like to ask questions or provide feedback.  You may also reach out to the Director of the LGBTQ Center, Kelly Garrett ([email protected]), to discuss this project in more detail. 


What pronouns are available in the system? 

In Phase I of the project the following pronoun options are available:

●      they/them/theirs

●      fae/faer/faers

●      xe/xem/xir

●      Any

●      Please Ask

●      Use my name only

●      she/her/hers

●      he/him/his

Can I choose more than one set of pronouns?

Yes.  You may choose multiple sets of pronouns from the options provided.

Can I choose the order in which I’d like my pronouns to appear?

Due to system limitations it is not possible to choose the order in which the pronouns are listed.  However, if you choose to list both nonbinary pronouns and binary pronouns, the nonbinary pronouns will be listed first.  For example, if you choose to list they/them/theirs and he/him/his it will show up in the system like this:

●      they/them/theirs; he/him/his

What if the pronouns I use aren’t listed as an option?

If there is a pronoun option that you’d like to see added to the list please provide us with feedback using the Pronoun Feedback Form so we can consider adding additional options in future system updates.  If you’d like to speak with someone about future system updates please contact Kelly Garrett.

 Why might I decide to add my pronouns into Banner?

Below we've provided links to resources to help you learn more about why you and others may want to add your pronouns into the system for others to see.  We've also included some links to provide guidance on how to be respectful of everyone's pronouns.  If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact the Director of the LGBTQ Center, Kelly Garrett