Student Groups

The Queer Alliance

The mission of the Queer Alliance is to facilitate the building of a diverse, inclusive, visible and active queer community at Brown. The QA is an umbrella organization that is the hub of queer-related organizing efforts on and off campus. The QA is divided into three broad departments of programming: Community, Outreach and Advocacy. It is the job of the Department Chairs to encourage and facilitate queer leadership and organizing on campus to serve the spectrum of needs and identities in the queer community. For more information email [email protected].

TNT: The Next Thing

Confidential discussion/support group for LGBTQ+ and questioning students of color. Leadership changes from year-to-year and the group may not always be active.  For updated information please contact the LGBTQ Center Director at [email protected].  

Queer Med-Grad Student Group

Social and support group for medical and graduate students from all programs. To sign up to receive emails go to the Brown listerv site and subscribe to the QA-MED-GRAD-MEMBERS. If you have any problems subscribing contact the LGBTQ Center at [email protected].

Deviant Minds, Deviant Bodies: A Q/PoC Reading Group

“Deviant Bodies, Deviant Minds” is a reading group that fosters community-building through shared dialog and open discussion on issues including, but not limited to queerness, racialized subjectivity, disability, class, and their various intersections. The group is an intentional space that acknowledges the already existing intersections of the queer graduate community and the graduate community of color, while simultaneously offering a forum for the exploration of connections, attachments, and solidarities that may as yet have been unexplored by participants. Although created through the Graduate School’s Community Fellows Pilot program, we want this group to continue to grow and serve as a space for deep conversation and community-building as it adapts to the needs of new members (and new radical visions) for years to come.

You do not have to identify as queer or a person of color to participate. Everyone is welcome.

Visit the website for the full schedule and sign-up for the mailing list to get updates and make suggestions for topics and collaborations.