Zines in the Classroom

Ways to Integrate Zines in the Classroom
  • Include zines as part of the reading on a syllabus.
  • Encourage students to cite zinesters.
  • Incorporate zines as primary sources.
  • Use zines to teach history of marginalized peoples.
  • Have students make zines individually or as a group.
  • Allow students to submit zines as projects.
  • Visit the zine archive or zines at the Sarah Doyle.
  • Discuss zine and radical publishing history.
  • Study the artistic side of independent publishing (and create!)
  • So much more!
Citing Zines

Usually zines are cited the same way pamphlets are in that style citation. Here’s a short guide, and even better, a zine on how to cite a zine (meta, we know).

Additional Resources for Teaching with Zines