Brown Center for Students of Color

Welcome to the Brown Center for Students of Color website!



We hope that everyone is taking steps to secure their safety and well-being during this time. In the midst of the pandemic COVID-19 (coronavirus), the University has communicated immediate steps to reduce community exposure. As such, the BCSC Center is physically closed for the foreseeable future. BCSC staff is  available virtually to support all students-undergraduates (on campus, off-campus or away from Brown), graduate students and medical school students. . For continued updates, please consult Brown’s COVID-19 website

We recognize that the BCSC is a staple for the Brown community and we are thinking of you all deeply. We are here for all students and in some cases, we are open to faculty and staff. Please consider connecting with us on Instagram (@YourBCSC), on Facebook (Brown Center for Students of Color), and our FB Group (BCSC Care Group) to stay connected.  


We are available to talk via email, zoom, Skype, and phone  from 8:30am - 5:00pm EST, Monday to Friday. We encourage you to reach out. We offer a host of services, including but not limited to: crisis support, safety planning, holistic student development, social justice education, student employment, triage to University resources, culturally relevant community building and programming. If you have relocated to a different time zone please let us know where you are so we can try to schedule a time that works for you wherever you are.

Opportunities for Engagement

  • The Graduate Student of Color Initiative is offering weekly virtual check-ins, please subscribe to the e-newsletter here. In our e-newsletter you’ll find resources to help navigate the current landscape such as food and wellness resources, self and community care tips, webinar opportunities, upcoming events, and funding opportunities. 

  • The Virtual Commencement Team is organizing ways for the Senior Class of 2020 to be recognized and honored. Student Commencement Coordinators are creating a Senior Video and an e-Yearbook. If you’re interested in supporting this project or learning more please email kristy kumar

  • Nurturing Alignment is creating a portfolio of skills that one can implement at home. Please contact Kristy Kumar for additional information.

  • The Minority Peer Counselors will continue to communities of color remotely through resource-sharing, webinars, and community events. Please contact Olivia McNeill for additional questions.

  • The BCSC will also offer ad-hoc workshops and community engagement opportunities that seek to connect folks of color who are on and off campus. Please subscribe to our newsletter for more details.