TWC E-Bulletin Week of September 16, 2013


September 16, 2013

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TWC Events and Announcements

MPC Workshop: (Vic)toria's Dark Secret - Uncovering the "Who, What and Where" of Resources at Brown

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
5:30 - 7:00PM
Location: Faunce Underground

MPC Workshop: (Vic)toria Dark SecretMPC Workshop: (Vic)toria Dark Secret


$ocial Classmates Info Session

Monday, September 16, 2013
Location: J. Walter Wilson rm 303

$ocial Classmates offers one-time, three-week and semester-long workshops exploring issues of classism and social class identity. We offer a safe space for self-exploration and dialogue on this uncomfortable subject.

To learn more about $C, come to our info sessions!
Monday, 9/16 7:00-8:00 JWW 303

Where Do We Go From Here?: After Trayvon

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
7:00 - 9:00PM
Location: Salomon Hall rm 001

This discussion will reflect on the many issues provoked by the killing of Trayvon Martin, Stand Your Ground Laws, Stop and Frisk policies and the connecting, broader ideas about targeting and fearing black and brown young people.

After TrayvonAfter Trayvon

TWC Welcome (Back) Week 2013

Returning students welcome the class of 2017. Join us for food and refreshments! Each heritage program investigates issues of race generally and has a specific focus on the politics and culture of their particular community. All students who identify with a community and/or who are interested in learning more about the historical and ongoing issues facing that community are encouraged to attend. Each event will introduce the student leaders planning the series in question. Details for all events can be found here in this pdf

Ships of Bondage and the Fight for Freedom Exhibit

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Location: Brown Center for Public Humanities
357 Benefit Street (use rear entrance on Williams Street)

Interested in learning more about the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice? Please join us for a special talk about the Center's inaugural exhibit Ships of Bondage and the Fight for Freedom. Enjoy snacks and learn more about the Center, it's history, and how you can get involved. Get a chance to visit the Center's exhibit before it closes!

Ships of Bondage and the Fight for Freedom examines the global networks involved in the African slave trade. This exhibition tells the story of slave insurrections on three vessels including the Amistad, the Meermin, and the Sally, exploring the struggle of the enslaved to resist captivity, gain freedom, and return to their homelands.




Brown Events and Announcements


Join the Student Language Exchange Team!

The Student Language Exchange aims to expand worldviews and increase the diversity of global engagement of American college students. We have established a successful model of peer-led cultural exchange here at Brown, and we aim to celebrate cultural diversity and redistribute the weight of different cultures in our college curricula.

Right now, we're recruiting for several leadership positions, and we're seeking innovative and energetic people to join our movement! Listings are on our Join the Team page at, and past participation in our programs is not required.

Feel free to e-mail with any questions.


Matched Advising Program for Sophomores (MAPS) mentor and mentee applications

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting mentor and mentee applications for MAPS!

The Matched Advising Program for Sophomores (MAPS) pairs second-year students with junior and senior mentors for one-on-one support related to concentration declaration, research opportunities, internships, and general academic counseling. In addition to one-on-one peer advising, MAPS organizes panel presentations geared toward sophomores as well as focus groups that provide a forum for MAPS participants to discuss the opportunities and challenges unique to the sophomore year at Brown. To be considered for MAPS as either a mentor or mentee, you must submit an application by SEPTEMBER 17, 2013. Follow the links below for applications.


If you are a senior, please apply here.

If you are a junior, please apply here.


All sophomores, please apply here.

Please feel free to contact with any questions!


Mesoamerican Language and History Round Table

Monday, September 16, 2013
Location: John Carter Brown Library

Co-sponsored by Native American and Indigenous Studies at Brown.

The John Carter Brown Library has one of the world’s great collections of research materials in Native American languages. This is a very special moment for the Library: three scholars of Mesoamerican language and culture, from different countries and working with different indigenous languages, are all in residence at the same time. On September 16 they, along with a Brown anthropologist working with a fourth language, will share their experiences and discuss common questions and methodological issues in a public forum.

Everyone interested in the subject is welcome to participate. Spaces are limited, so please email


Paja Faudree: Mazatec
Paja Faudree is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Brown University. Her book, Singing for the Dead: The Politics of Indigenous Revival in Mexico (Duke, 2013) examines the role of contemporary Mazatec singing and writing in Oaxaca, including the song contest at the annual Day of the Dead festival, as a central aspect of ethnic revival. Her current research is on the history of Mazatec writing from the late colonial period through the present.

Amaruc Lucas Hernández: Purépecha
Amaruc Lucas Hernández is Profesor Investigador at the Instituto de Investigaciones Históricas of the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo (Morelia). A native speaker of Purépecha (or P’urhepecha), he has done extensive research on sixteenth-century Tarascan society and Catholic evangelization, as well as the long history of Purépecha oral culture up to today. He has published, among other things, an edition and translation of the section of Fray Juan de Medina Plaza’s 1575 Purépecha doctrinal manual on the Seven Deadly Sins.

Julia Madajczak: Nahuatl
Julia Madajczak is Ph.D. candidate at the University of Warsaw. Her current work centers on colonial Nahuatl language evolution induced by contact with Spanish language and culture. She has also done research on Nahuatl kinship terminology, viewed as a system of classification and a tool to understand the worldview of the Nahuas.

Matthew Restall: Yucatecan Maya
Matthew Restall is Professor of History at Pennsylvania State University. Beginning with his 1997 book, The Maya World: Yucatec Culture and Society, 1550–1850 (Stanford), he has worked with colonial indigenous documents as a source for Maya ethnohistory. Among numerous books and articles, he co-edited Mesoamerican Voices: Native Language Writings from Colonial Mexico, Yucatan, and Guatemala (Cambridge, 2005).

Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice Student Advisory Board pizza meeting!

Friday, September 20, 2013
Location: Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice, Alumnae Hall ground floor

Interested in learning more about the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice?  Want to be part of the Student Advisory Board and plan public programs and projects to engage the campus and RI community in the work of the Center?

Join us on Friday 9/20 at 1 PM for pizza meeting about the Center's Student Advisory Board. Learn what the group did last year, and how you can be part of the planning for this upcoming year.


Off-Campus Events


BRAG Scholarship Application

The BRAG Scholarship is based on scholastic achievement, leadership, community service and need. The awards are to be used for tuition, books and/or supplies and will be disbursed in January of the school calendar year for college students and the following fall semester for high school students. The money must be used within a one-school-year period. All money not used within the designated period will revert back to the BRAG Scholarship Fund. All scholarship funds are allocated directly to the school, not to the student.

Scholarships will be awarded at BRAG’s Annual Scholarship and Awards Dinner Gala in New York City. The Awards Gala will be held on Thursday, October 17, 2013. It is mandatory for selected students to attend the BRAG Annual Scholarship and Awards Dinner Gala to receive their Scholarship Award.

To apply, go to Transcripts should be mailed to the BRAG Office:

BRAG 68 East 131st street suite 306 NY, NY 10037


Tuesday, September 17th 2013
1:00 - 3:00PM
Location: Lyman Hall 005

(a follow-up session will be on Wednesday, September 18 from 4-6pm in Lyman Hall, room 007)

Daniel Bryan, Co-Director of REHEARSING CHANGE: EMPOWERING LOCALLY, EDUCATING GLOBALLY will lead an information session about his work on sustainable development, service learning, and theatre for social change in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

He will also present opportunities for Brown students to participate.

Rehearsing Change: Empowering Locally, Educating Globally is a community-based, international education program in the Ecuadorian Amazon created and operated by a collective of Ecuadorian and international scholars, performance artists, development specialists and community organizers. Their mission is to create and implement innovative education programs that facilitate the identification and transformation of conflicts that prohibit sustainable development in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The program engages students from North America with members of local indigenous communities in sustainable development projects, service learning opportunities, theatre for social change, cultural and historical study, and work on Spanish language. It is operated by the Pachaysana Institute in partnership with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito.


Career and Internship Opportunities


Morgan Stanley Richard B. Fisher Scholarship Program

For current juniors - application deadline is October 13th. Note that this is a diversity scholarship open to Black, Hispanic, Native American and LGBTQ juniors.

Morgan Stanley Richard B. Fisher ScholarshipMorgan Stanley Richard B. Fisher Scholarship

Consulting Case Workshop

Monday, September 16, 2013
Location: Third World Center (TWC)

Join Associates from the Capital One Strategy Group as we discuss Case Interviews for consulting jobs, and strategies to help you ace them. This will be an interactive session, and anyone is welcome.

Please register your interest here. Pre-registration not required for attendance.

Our Strategy Group is a small, high-impact team of consultants that works on some of the company's most important strategic issues - and about a third of our consultants are actually Brown alums.

Jon Casper, a Senior Associate in the Strategy Group, is the Brown School Manager, and is based in Capital One’s headquarters near Washington, DC. He is currently working on a credit card growth strategy project. Jon graduated from Brown in 2011 with a BA in Economics. He played on the squash team, worked with the Socially Responsible Investment Fund, and was a member of Sigma Chi fraternity.  In the summer after his junior year he interned at Analysis Group, an economic consulting firm in Boston. Jon is the President of the Brown Club of DC, and in his spare time, he enjoys playing golf, trying new restaurants, and traveling.


Pooja is a Harvard 2012 graduate, and a Senior Associate in Strategy. She concentrated in English, with a focus on creative writing. At Harvard, she managed the External Relations committee at the Leadership Institute and also worked as a tutor at the Writing Center. Pooja joined the Strategy Group because of the pivotal role it plays in Capital One’s work to energize and disrupt the banking industry. She is currently working on Capital One’s Subprime Card strategy and has also worked on projects for Upmarket Card and the Small Business Bank.


Liangsha graduated from Yale in 2012 with a BA in Economics and International Studies. She is currently a Senior Associate in Strategy and works in the DC office. In college she ran MathCounts Outreach, a group that teaches competitive math to middle school students in disadvantaged neighborhoods, and studied abroad in Paris and Beijing. For most of her first year at Capital One, she worked on a project to identify growth opportunities for the Commercial Bank.

Michael is a 2012 Stanford graduate and a Capital One Strategy Associate based out of our headquarters near DC. He majored in Economics, and spent a summer in investment banking (power & utilities) in New York City while at Stanford. Michael loves to play soccer, watch movies, and spend time on adventures with friends (and watching Top Gear). While at Capital One, he has worked on Retail Bank strategy and our Card Partnerships business, and is now beginning a project with our Credit Card business.


Colleen is a Brown 2012 graduate, and a Senior Associate in Strategy. She concentrated in Development Studies, with a focus on asylum-seeker migration to Australia. At Brown, she launched the Bruin Club Day Visit program, led the Disaster Relief Group on its inaugural trip (New Orleans), and attended as many Secret Bakery evenings as possible. Colleen joined the Strategy Group because of its great people and the developmental opportunities it offered. She is about to begin a project with our Community Affairs group, looking at how to evaluate the return from our philanthropic investments, and the effectiveness of our disaster response efforts.