TWC and TWC Associated Publications

African Sun

The African Sun provides a voice for and about the Black community at Brown University. The African Sun aims to serve the Black community by addressing topics relevant to the Black experience and exploring issues from the “Black perspective.”


South Asian Journal of the Arts. The purpose of the South Asian journal of arts: Awaaz is to publish poetry, prose and art that is representative of the South Asian diaspora. It aims to provide an outlet for the South Asian voice at Brown and provide a forum for discussion and artistic expression. The journal shall be published once a semester.


Somos is the Latino Literary Magazine of Brown University. We encourage all aspiring artists and writers to contribute their poetry, essays, documents, and all types of artwork such as sketching, photography etc. An issue of Somos will be distributed every semester with collaborated pieces of Brown students, faculty, staff and alumni, and the Latino community in the Providence community.


Brown's Asian American Literary and Opinions Magazine.