TWTP 2012 Workshop Facilitation

The Third World Transition Program is a transformational experience that helps transition incoming first-year students into a new and rigorous social and academic environment. Your role as a workshop facilitator for TWTP would be to plan, organize, and facilitate open dialogue about the -isms that impact marginalized communities. In addition to fostering a strong community of first-year students through conversation and participation, a major element of TWTP is to provide first-years with venues to creatively and honestly talk about how their intersecting identities will fashion a more understanding and equitable campus community. You will initiate the conversations that these students carry throughout their time at Brown.

The six workshops planned for TWTP 2012 are Racism, Sexism, Classism, Heterosexism, Ableism, and Classism. 

As a Workshop Facilitator, you will be responsible for the following:

  • Work with your co-facilitator to develop ideas and activities for your workshop.
  • Present the content and activities of one of the -ism workshops at TWTP
  • Utilize scripts and presentations from previous years to inform your own workshop.
  • Identify appropriate faculty to aid in workshop development.
  • Submit drafts regularly over the summer for feedback from the TWTPCs and TWC staff.
  • Attend facilitation workshops during TWTP training.

We thank you for your interest facilitating a TWTP workshop and hope that you help create a TWTP that will continue to foster community at Brown and provide the incoming class with the tools necessary to successfully navigate their first-year experience.

TWTP 2012 Workshop Facilitator Application 


Shane Lloyd
Assistant Director for First and Second Year Program

Samantha Enriquez ‘14 and Brian Kundinger ‘14
Third World Transition Program Coordinators

Sharina Gordon ‘13 and Francisco Oliveira ‘13
Minority Peer Counselor Friend Coordinators