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  • This two-week workshop, organized by Carney’s Center for Computational Brain Science, will provide the basic tools for understanding, developing and applying models to brain science questions, from high-level cognition (how do I choose where to eat lunch?), to neural mechanisms (how do our neurons decide whether an animal is a dog or a lion?).

    This workshop is designed for researchers across fields, backgrounds and levels of experience: computation “novices” with no experience and those with more computational experience who have not yet mastered the science of model selection and parameter estimation, or wish to learn more on specific classes of models.

    Week 1

    Week 1 will cover methods and challenges of using computational models for hypothesis testing and quantitative fitting of behavioral data and brain-behavior relationships. Topics include model validation and selection, posterior predictive checks, maximum likelihood, hierarchical estimation, neural regressors, etc. We will have daily lectures and discussion, as well as hands-on coding tutorials, and advanced sessions providing a deeper understanding of complex modeling topics, pitfalls and concepts, for participants already familiar with basic techniques.

    Week 2

    In Week 2, participants will have a chance to participate in a collaborative modeling challenge, using a novel dataset that integrates across multiple aspects of cognition and perception, including cross-species neural data. Prizes will be given for models with best predictive power, rigor, creativity and innovation.

    Computational experience is not required.

    For details on last years’ workshops, visit the Center for Computational Brain Science website . View last year’s syllabus . We will cover most of the same basic topics, with a few tweaks and additions (to be determined based on participant input).

    Participation is limited to 20. Please use this form to sign up.

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  • Join the Carney Institute for Brain Science for a conversation about how traditional brain recording techniques (MEG/EEG) are coming together with new computational tools to inform new directions for brain science research. 

    This event will be moderated by Diane Lipscombe, Reliance Dhirubhai Ambani Director of the Carney Institute, and Christopher Moore, associate director of the Carney Institute, and it will feature Stephanie Jones, associate professor of neuroscience at Brown University, and Frederike Petzschner, who will join the Carney Institute this year as a fellow. 

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