If I cannot arrive in the US, what are my deferral options?

We understand that, due to multiple delays and complications caused by COVID-19, a number of students may not be able to arrive on campus prior to the start of Spring 2021. If you are unable to arrive before January 11 but can expect to arrive in Providence by February 10, you may be able to matriculate and begin your program remotely and continue in person once you arrive.

If you will not be able to arrive by February 10, please review your deferral options with your Director of Graduate Study (DGS). It may be necessary to defer until Fall 2021. Requests for deferrals should be made to the Director of Graduate Study (DGS) in your program no later than December 10. Please discuss your deferral options directly with your program before making a final decision.

One important factor to keep in mind is that Brown is unfortunately unable to pay students their stipends until the students have completed the I-9 process, and that cannot be done until the student has entered the country. Thus, we are unfortunately unable to pay the stipend prior to your arrival in the US and completion of this process.