What Brown travel guidelines and resources are available to international travelers and students?

Brown University partners with International SOS to provide emergency travel assistance, and important travel health, safety and security alerts and resources. To access the information on this website you will need to login with Brown’s membership number; the Brown member is available on the International SOS website. Their COVID-19 page provides country-by-country (and also U.S. state-by-state) guidance on the following: 

  • International travel disruption (including details on commercial travel as well as inbound and outbound travel restrictions),
  • Domestic mobility considerations, and 
  • Other non-movement related conditions that could affect your travel.

Additional guidelines on Rhode Island COVID-19 public health policies are available on the Rhode Island Department of Health website.  See the “Alerts and Latest Guidance” section of this page for specific travel restrictions. We also encourage you to read Brown’s Plan for a Healthy and Safe 2020-21.

If you have travel health, safety and security questions, please refer to Brown’s travel policies on the Healthy Brown website, which includes contact information for relevant offices. You can also refer to the International Travel Risk Management website or contact Christine Sprovieri, Director of International Travel Risk Management. If you have questions, about visa requirements, please contact OISSS at [email protected]