GBC Programs & Events

Below are descriptions of the different event series that are held within the Global Brown Center for International Students! All events are promoted through our newsletter and on our Facebook page. 

IMP Yearlong Events 

The International Mentoring Program hosts monthly events, such as IMP Gala, Karaoke Night, and Ice Cream Social to encourage first year undergraduate students and their mentors to connect throughout the year, but the events are open to all international students. 

IMP Yearlong events are organized by our IMP Coordinators. 

Cross Cultural Conversations 

Cross cultural conversations are a series of lunchtime events that bring together students to engage in dialogue about issues that pertain to the international student identity and its many intersections. CCCs are spaces that facilitate mutual understanding across identities and during challenging conversations. Past topics have included interracial relationships, imposter syndrome, and homesickness. 

CCCs are organized by our Cultural Programming Coordinators. 

International Education Week

Taking place annually in the fall, IEW is a showcase of Brown’s multi-faceted international-ness. The week comprises of many events from  international dinners across dining halls and events held by student groups to panels and workshops by university offices, all in an effort to showcase the global cultural offerings available at Brown and to develop an understanding of global citizenship in the context of College Hill. In 2019, IEW attendees tried their hands at Chinese calligraphy, made Turkish snacks, and played traditional Mexican games. Check out our IEW schedule for 2021!

IEW is organized by our Cultural Programming Coordinators. 

International Festival 

Held on the main green every spring, the international festival is a celebration of global cultural diversity on Brown’s campus. From food and performances, to games and conversations, students gain an appreciation for the diverse cultural offerings available on campus. Attracting hundreds of people from Brown and the larger Providence community, this festival is the largest event the center puts on every year. 

International Festival is organized by our Cultural Programming Coordinators. 

A Day Away with the GBC 

Our popular monthly trips take international students to excursions to exciting destinations in New England. Trips are curated by the seasons. In the summer, we head to the beach, in the fall we hike and admire the autumn foliage or head to a farm. In winter, we go snow tubing, and in the spring, we’re off to a beautiful historic town nearby, or pet some alpacas. Activities vary every year, and we love taking in students’ recommendations for our next destination! These trips provide a great chance to discover the history, culture, and landscape beyond College Hill while bonding with new international friends. 

A Day Away is organized by our Community Programming Coordinators.

Gather at the Globe 

Our community gatherings are on campus events that bring together the international student community responding to the ebbs and flows of the academic year. At the beginning of each semester we welcome back students with community gatherings filled with food, friends and fun. During midterm and final seasons we offer spaces for self-care during midterm and final seasons by holding painting workshops, free massages, and face masks. 

A Day Away is organized by our Community Programming Coordinators. 

End of Year Celebration

At the end of the academic year we come together at a large banquet to celebrate the achievements of graduating international students.

Our End of Year Celebration is organized by our Community Programming Coordinators.