Key Projects in the Asthma Initiative

1. Asthma Birth Cohort (ABC) Study 

This project will identify mechanisms underlying the associations between stress exposure in pregnant mothers and the development of asthma in their children. 

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2. Children with Asthma in their Real Environments (Project CARE)

This project involves the examination of real-time associations among biomarkers relevant to asthma, asthma clinical indicators and behavioral factors to understand the mechanisms underlying disparities in asthma outcomes in high risk groups of children. 

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3. RI-AIR (Rhode Island Asthma Integrated Response) Program

The RI-AIR initiative involves the development, implementation, and evaluation of an integrated identification, screening, and referral network for children with asthma in Rhode Island.

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4. Medicaid Asthma “Hot Spot” Analysis

This project identifies geographic hot spots for asthma and other environmentally-mediated health conditions and examines neighborhood characteristics associated with asthma and other environmentally-mediated health conditions. 

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5. Evaluation of the Efficacy of Rhode Island’s Home Asthma Response Program (HARP)

This project evaluates the efficacy of the Home Asthma Response Program (HARP), an evidence-based asthma intervention designed to reduce preventable asthma emergency department visits and hospitalizations among high risk pediatric asthma patients. 

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6. Neighborhood Risk and Pediatric Asthma Hospital Use

This project evaluates neighborhood risk and pediatric asthma hospital use, utilizing ten years of data from the Lifespan Health System. 

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