Children with Asthma in their Real Environments (Project CARE)

We are integrating a smaller research project into Project CARE, conducted by an early career faculty investigator, and entitled “Diet Quality, Inflammation, Metabolic Dysregulation, and Obesity in Urban Children with Asthma” (PI: Staci Eisenberg, MD, funded by Children’s Miracle Network within the Department of Pediatrics) that will incorporate dietary recall assessments and additional blood assessments related to metabolics.


  1. To examine real-time associations between biological processes relevant to asthma severity in children.
  2. To investigate interactions between the sociocultural environment, protective behavioral and family processes, biological processes, and asthma severity in children. 

The study is set to begin Spring 2019 and the anticipated end date is December 2021. Our target enrollment is 150 children with asthma and a primary caregiver. Outcomes to report include: the number of families enrolled and asthma status (i.e., asthma control and lung function).