Energy and Environmental Mission

In order to develop sustainable and equitable patterns of local and global resource use, Brown University will minimize its energy use, reduce negative environmental impacts and promote environmental stewardship. Brown will use the opportunities created by these actions to further its educational, research and service missions. 


Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction:
Brown University should aspire to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. As an interim commitment Brown University should reduce its emissions by 10% to 15% below 1990 levels by 2020 (45% to 48% below FY 2007 levels). To meet this target we anticipate incremental annual reduction targets of greenhouse gas emissions beginning in FY2008.

Carbon Neutrality:
Brown should allocate funds and implement a policy to achieve carbon neutrality by FY2008 to be maintained at least through 2020. This will serve as an example to the community, contribute to measurable reductions in global carbon emissions, and be sensitive to global inequalities in natural resource utilization. To achieve carbon neutrality Brown will initiate carbon offset projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the local community and purchase carbon offset contracts. As Brown reduces its greenhouse gas emissions on campus the need for total carbon-offsets will decrease.

As a result of long-term investments Brown University is more energy efficient than its peer institutions (energy use per square foot of building area) [3]. By meeting greenhouse gas emission targets and achieving carbon neutrality Brown will ensure that it maintains this leadership position in addressing climate change. Brown must also continue to help advance relevant research and educational efforts. 

Sustainability Reports 

The Sustainability Report provides updates on Brown's achievements towards reaching its greenhouse gas emission goals and provides anecdotal information on the progress of other sustainability initiatives. Read through current and past reports available below.