Hassenfeld Institute Research Presented at PAS Conference

The Hassenfeld Child Health Innovation Institute presented five posters at the May 2017 Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in San Francisco. We are pleased to provide links to PDF versions of these posters:

Residential Mobility and Well-Being Among School-Age Children
Gjelsvik A., Rogers M.L., Song L., Field A., & Vivier P.
This poster assessed the association of residential mobility with flourishing (self-regulation/curiosity and school engagement) among children age 6-17. 

A Statewide Assessment of Frequent Emergency Department Use by Children
Vivier P., Rogers M.L., Gjelsvik A., Linakis J., & Mello M.
This poster examined the frequency of emergency department use by demographic and health characteristics of Rhode Island children.

Liquor Stores, Neighborhood Socioeconomic Disparity, and Rates of Adolescent ED Visits
Linakis J., Rogers M.L., Smego R., Mello M., & Vivier P.
This poster assessed the association of neighborhood socioeconomic deprivation and presence of liquor stores with violence-related and non violence-related ED visits among adolescents living in Providence, RI.

Neighborhood Risks and Pediatric Asthma Hospital Use
Gjelsvik A., Rogers M.L., Garro A., Smego R., Koinis-Mitchell D., McQuaid E.L., & Vivier P.
This poster examines the association between neighborhood risk and hospital use among pediatric asthma patients in Rhode Island.

Pediatric Emergency Department Visits by Insurance Coverage in the United States
Schlichting L.E., Rogers M.L., Gjelsvik A.,  Linakis J., & Vivier P. 
Using a nationally-representative sample of U.S. children, this poster examines both pediatric emergency department use by insurance type, as well as factors associated with repeat and/or high emergency department use.