Program Information

Is the Data Science Master's a STEM program?

Yes, this is considered a STEM program for OPT extension purposes (this is a visa issue, of concern to international applicants). 

I am a Brown undergraduate; can I do this program as a concurrent degree?

No. You can apply for the 5th-Year Master's Degree, but this program is not suitable for concurrent degrees. 

Is there an online option for this program? 

Currently, no. The program is entirely in-person, though we have made accommodations for people who are unable to be here in person because of the pandemic. 

Is there a part-time option? Can I do the program while working full-time?

There is no part-time option, though students are considered full-time (for visa purposes) with only two credits per semester, and the program can be taken over a longer period in that way. There is no option that is compatible with full-time work, as the courses are quite challenging and most are held during work hours. 

What does the program cost? 

Please see this page for tuition information. 


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