Master's Degree

The Master’s Program in Data Science (Master of Science, ScM) prepares students from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds for distinctive careers in data science. Rooted in a research collaboration between four strong academic departments (Applied MathematicsBiostatisticsComputer Science, and Mathematics), the master's program offers a unique and rigorous education for people building careers in data science. 

The program is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the methods and algorithms of data science, to be achieved through a study of relevant topics in mathematics, statistics, and computer science, including machine learning, data mining, security and privacy, visualization, and data management. The program also provides experience in important, frontline data-science problems in a variety of fields, and introduces students to ethical and societal considerations surrounding data science and its applications.

  • Current Brown PhD students interested in applying for a doctoral certificate, see the doctoral certificate page.
  • If you are interested in completing the ScM degree as a Brown PhD student, you may apply to the Open Graduate program. 
  • Brown undergraduates may apply to this program as a 5th-Year Master's Degree.

Please read through these pages, including the FAQs, for more information, and contact us if you still have questions. We recommend email as the best way to receive a response to questions.

Watch the Zoom information session for applicants (October 11, 2022) here