Please see our FAQ for more information. Apply for the Data Science Master's Degree program here.  

Application Procedure

We accept applications until March 15 for fall admission. We admit students on a rolling basis but cannot accept applications after the deadline has passed. Once the application system has closed, it will not reopen until September for new applications. You will be notified by the Graduate School if you are admitted.

Please provide unofficial (scanned) copies of your transcripts as part of the electronic application. You will be prompted to mail an official copy of your transcript if you are accepted to the program.

Graduate applications are handled by a combination of the Data Science Initiative and the Graduate School. Your application is formally processed by the Graduate School. Its content is then read by members of the Data Science Initiative, who then forward their recommendations to the Graduate School. The Graduate School formally admits you to the program. Therefore, you may receive correspondence from either of these entities.

Admission Requirements

We seek to admit students from a wide range of backgrounds for distinctive careers in Data Science. This means that students will have a wide range of experience through work and education, which can prepare them for the program in a variety of ways. 

At a minimum, we recommend that students entering the program have completed at least a year of calculus (at the level of MATH 0090 & 0100), a semester of linear algebra (at the level of MATH 0520), a semester of calculus-based probability and statistics (at the level of APMA 1650), and an introduction to programming (at the level of CSCI 0150 or 0170).

We also admit exceptional students who lack one or more of the minimum requirements in linear algebra, probability and statistics, and computer science. These students will be expected to take a course at Brown or elsewhere to achieve the necessary preparation before the program begins, and should consult with the program director to determine what is most appropriate. 

Application Requirements

(see our FAQ for additional information)

  • GRE General: Recommended
  • GRE Subject: Not required
  • Record of grades or other academic performance
  • Letters of recommendations (3 minimum, 5 maximum; suggest to your letter writers that they look at this site)
  • TOEFL (for applicants whose native language is not English; see testing and waiver policies here

Deadline for application is March 15. We may admit students earlier than March 15, however, so apply early if you can. 

The annual tuition for the DSI Master's Program for 2018-2019 is $63,440. This information is also listed on the Graduate School's website.

Because the program comprises 4 fall credits, 4 spring credits, and 1 summer credit, the total cost of the program is equal to the annual tuition plus one-eighth of the following year's annual tuition (since summer courses fall in the following fiscal year). Tuition rates typically rise around 4% per year, so the total cost of the program should be estimated at 1+(1/8)(1+4%) = 1.13 times the annual tuition. 

We do not currently have scholarships available for this program. Brown's Office of Financial Aid can help with loan funding; you can find information and a financial worksheet here