Community Engagement

Dr. Christopher Rose

An Approach to Molecular Memory and Computing with Small Molecules

October 12, 2017
Foxboro Auditorium, Kassar House
Christopher Rose
Associate Dean of the Faculty for Special Initiatives, Brown University
Professor of Engineering, Brown University


Under the aegis of the DARPA Molecular Informatics Program, a team of Brown chemists and engineers (and likely others we lure into the fold) hope to discover and implement new ways of thinking about data storage and computation using small molecules (not oligomers like D/RNA).  The idea is to understand fundamental limits of molecular storage and also seek ways to harness the potentially large parallelism inherent with Avogadrian numbers of miscible reactive elements.  This talk will primarily introduce the storage problem and will touch on the computation problem.  And since no one the speaker knows really understands what Data Science actually is, he will define it himself in the context of the project and his background (communication/information theory), hoping the audience will see connections and add to what promises be three years of good clean exciting technical fun with the somewhat grandiose secondary purpose of revolutionizing  computation.


Dr. Rose is a Professor of Engineering and Associate Dean of the Faculty for Special Initiatives at Brown. His research uses communication and information theory as a tool to approach interdisciplinary problems. Dr. Rose is also a fellow of the IEEE and was a full member of the Army Science Board.