• Assistant Professor, Data Science Initiative and Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences

    Karianne Bergen is an Assistant Professor in the Data Science Initiative and Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences, effective January 2021. Her work has focused on machine learning for pattern recognition and discovery in large, complex sensor data sets, with recent applications to earthquake monitoring. Her research interest is in scientific machine learning,... Read More

  • Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Data Science Initiative and Sheridan Center

    Dr. Linda Clark holds a joint appointment with the Data Science Initiative and the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning at Brown.  Dr. Clark is responsible for developing an introductory Data Science Fluency undergraduate course, a Data Science Fellows course, and supporting the work of faculty integrating data science and... Read More

  • Assistant Professor, Data Science Initiative and Biostatistics

    Roberta De Vito is an assistant professor in the Department of Biostatistics and the Data Science Initiative at Brown University with a strong passion for developing innovative statistical models and tools for health problems.

    Her work aims broadly on developing and advancing methods for the analysis of high-dimensional, heterogeneous data sets to identify and... Read More

  • Deborah Hurley

    Adjunct Professor of the Practice of Computer Science

    Deborah Hurley is Principal of the science and technology policy consulting firm she founded in 1996. She is: Adjunct Professor of the Practice of Computer Science and Associate Faculty Director, Data Privacy, Executive Master in Cybersecurity, at Brown University; Fellow, Institute for Quantitative Social Science, and Global Innovation Policy Fellow, Technology and Entrepreneurship Center... Read More

  • Samuel Watson

    Lecturer and Director of Graduate Studies, Data Science Initiative

    Sam’s research in mathematical probability focuses on the interplay between discrete and continuous random geometry. He studies the convergence of random planar graphs outfitted with natural combinatorial structures to a fractal random surface called Liouville quantum gravity. He has worked on fractional Gaussian fields, which serve to model random behavior in fields as diverse as cosmology... Read More

  • Assistant Professor of the Practice and Director of Industry and Research Engagement, Data Science Initiative

    Andras Zsom is a Lead Data Scientist at the Center for Computation and Visualization and an Adjunct Lecturer at the Data Science Initiative. Andras is the instructor of DATA1030: Hands-on Data Science, a course where students learn how to develop supervised machine learning pipelines. During his five years at Brown, he has worked with university administrators, faculty members, postdocs, and... Read More